Price benefits in terms of the new law on packaging

In terms of the new law on packaging in Germany, wine vendors must agree to take back their import and despatch cartons by means of a waste separation and recycling system, allowing the materials to be re-used. The environmental service provider Interseroh provides Lizenzero, an inexpensive and convenient solution, with special price advantages for members of Wein-Plus

Price benefits in terms of the new law on packaging
In Germany, the existing regulation on packaging was replaced by the new law on packaging on 1.1.2019. This brings with it some new duties for wine producers and wine vendors that distribute packaged goods, the law comes equipped with serious sanctions for those that are caught disregarding the law.

What is the law on packaging?

  • The German law on packaging came into force on 1. January 2019, and makes it compulsory for users to license their packaging with one of the dual systems.
  • The duty to license packaging applies to every vendor who is the first to despatch a carton with contents, independently of the type of packaging material or the volume involved – this duty applies to all, independently of the size of the business.
  • The system is controlled by the Central Office Packaging Register (, which will maintain a publicly accessible register of all licensing companies.
  • In cases in which the law is disregarded, the sanctions of the law include a ban on sales as well as fines of up to 200,000 Euros.

All the information mentioned here is also summarized in a video compiled by our partner Interseroh, and available on Youtube:

Which items are affected

  • Despatch cartons (responsibility of the vendor filling the carton and despatching it to private consumers)
  • Adhesive tapes for despatch cartons
  • Glass (where not already licensed by wholesaler or producer)
  • Bottle closures
  • etc.

Licensing of packaging with Lizenzero

We have once again negotiated a group contract with our long-standing partner Interseroh, valid as of 1.1.2019, providing members of Wein-Plus with a benefit of 12%. Here is some information on how you can enjoy this benefit of the contract.

Anybody that packages goods and sells or despatches them directly must become active.

This is how users of packaging can comply with their duties in terms of the law on packaging:

  1. Each vendor must register with the register at central office for packaging:
  2. If you already have a contract with Interseroh, nothing will change for you. If this is not the case, you must license your packaging with Lizenzero, the online shop of the Interseroh dual system, at Here you can submit your benefit voucher code, which you can obtain further down this page.
  3. You must report the volume of packaging generated to both contacts on an annual basis.

Benefits of Lizenzero?

  • Operates totally online. Simple and quick processing of packaging licensing at fair prices via Lizenzero, the online shop of the Interseroh dual system,: Members of Wein-Plus benefit from an additional price advantage of 12%.
  • Conforms with German law on packaging
  • Proof of participation for each certificate
  • A calculation aid helps users to calculate individual packaging weights
  • Lizenzero customers receive an individual certificate confirming protection of resources, reflecting the raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions saved


If you want to be certain that you are selling your goods online in conformity with the law after 1. January 2019, and wish to avoid the threat of possible sanctions, you should register timeously with the Central Office, and license your packaging materials in conformity with the law, for example, by registering them with Lizenzero. This way, you can be certain you are complying with your duties in terms of product responsibility - and at the same time you are making an important contribution to environmentally friendly recycling efforts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Interseroh.

Special conditions in case of an annual volume of more than 395 €

In case of a larger annual volume, licensing can be effected at more attractive rates outside the Lizenzero framework. This volume is achieved at just short of 10,000 of wine, or close to 5 tons of packaging cartons.

Special conditions for members in Euros per ton:

  • Glass: € 40,90
  • Paper/cardboard/cartons: € 82,10
  • White tin: € 541,40
  • Aluminium: € 604,20
  • Other composites: € 604,20
  • Synthetics: € 662,90
  • Natural material: € 75,60

Please use the contact form below to contact Interseroh, so that the special rates can be applied in your case.

If you already had a contract with Interseroh before October 2018

In this case, all you need to do is to sign up in the central register (see above). You will not require a new registration with Interseroh.


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