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The benefits world is an offer for our members The objective of the benefits world is to create win-win situations

  • Our members (> 2,000 business members) enjoy significant cost benefits or simplified procedures
  • Our partners listed in the benefits world themselves benefit from significant marketing support
  • We create an additional binding with our members
Note: This page does not deal with listings in the 5% discount list. You can find information on that list here.

Targeting according to country and customer group

Partners are listed in the benefits world in accordance with countries and customer groups. There is thus a record as to each offer, and for which countries and which groups of members this is relevant. Accordingly, the display of partners is limited for members who are logged in. Members who are not logged in have the option of adjusting the settings to their own requirements at the top of the screen. The most important difference is almost certainly that between private and business members, with each group having its distinct and varying requirements.

What conditions must a partner fulfil?

  • We do not easily select our partners. From the point of view of our members, they rely on our name, which gives them the confidence to place their trust in our partners. Serious business practices, excellent products and absolute reliability are the most important prerequisites for a listing.
  • In addition, we expect that our members will be offered exclusive and really significant benefits in the benefits world. Generally speaking, these will be price benefits, but other benefits could also come into play, if these are really significant.The benefits may not be available to this extent via other means or media, be it individually or via other networks.
  • The offer must relate to a concrete product or a concrete service being offered at a fixed price.
  • The offer must be utilised regularly by a broad target group within our membership. We will not list offers that will only be used by a small part of our members.

What are the costs for a partner?

Naturally, we expect that our partners are themselves members in our network, i.e. that they are business members. There are no additional fees or costs. What we want to achieve is that our members enjoy the best possible conditions, with nothing coming to us “on the side”. We also do not accept commission payments. All we want is the best possible deal for our members without even any hint that we are doing this for our own benefit.

How do our partners recognize orders generated by our members?

It must be guaranteed that the special offers can only be used by our members. For this reason, the description page of each partner has a section that is generally accessible, and a section that can only be accessed by authorized members.

The authorization can take place by means of one of several alternative methods:

  1. On the pages with limited access we can publish a voucher code that can be used in the shop etc. The disadvantage of this method is that voucher codes have a tendency to be spread via social media or via voucher platforms.
  2. The pages with limited access also provide a registration form interested users can use to send a message to our partners. The structure of this message is not known to third parties, and enables easy identification of our members.
  3. In individual cases, the partner can enquire from us whether a particular person is actually a member. However, this should be an absolute exception, and should not be a regular event.
  4. Each member has a so-called "Wein-Plus Card", which he can print out and use, for example, when shopping in an actual shop.

How does the cooperation work?

This is a fair and uncomplicated partnership. Wein-Plus represents the interests of its members vis-a-vis its partners. We do not get involved in the day-to-day dealings between members and benefits world partners, we are also not a sales or support department for the products or services offered.

However, if there are general problems between a benefits world partner and several members, we would become active as mediators, and would try to assist in finding a solution.

This cooperation is intended to be ongoing. Changes in prices or relevant changes in products must be agreed with us beforehand, in as far as this concerns specific listed products or services.

From time to time we will check on the acceptance of products and services offered, and reserve the right to cancel a listing if we find the offer is not sufficiently accepted, or if there is a general dissatisfaction with the offers.

What do we need to know when embarking on a cooperation?

Once it has been established in principle that what you have to offer is suitable for the benefits world, we will require various data and texts in order to proceed with the listing, and so that we can describe your offer in a suitable form:
  • Description of your offer. Format and length to match the style of offers already listed
  • How does your offer for our members differ from the usual offers of your company?
  • Logo on white or transparent background. Width 320 pixels
  • Banner as a header for the description 1320 pixels width × 400 pixels height
  • Additional descriptive photographs Links to your website
  • Which form of member identification do you wish to use? (see information above)
  • To customers in which country does your offer apply?

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